Since its inception, the Geology Section has been located in the geo-science institutes’ building at Albertov 6. The Vice-Dean of the Section is Prof. Jiří Žák.

The Geology Section is divided into four Institutes, each with their respective Heads:

The Geology Section also includes the Ivo Chlupáč Museum of Earth History, the Mineralogical Museum, the Geopark (Czech only), and the Geological Library.

The Geology Section provides instruction in the following bachelor’s programmes:

We recommend obtaining study material in good time directly from the library or elsewhere (Charles University bookstore), or from the libraries of other Sections or Faculties. It is also possible to share electronic versions of lectures with teachers.

During your studies, you can also get involved in various Faculty-wide or student association activities. In the Geology Section, there are primarily two active associations: SGA Student Chapter Prague (The Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits), GAS (Geological Art Society) and GAL (Geology Academic League). Professional seminars are also well attended - their programme for the current semester can always be found on the websites of the individual institutes.