Who to See for Which Issue?

Programme guarantor

Each programme and its associated fields of study have their respective guarantors. A guarantor is a teacher who is usually a member of the Section/Department/Institute where the programme/field is taught. The guarantor prepares the curricula, and you can contact them if you need anything in your curriculum explained, or with applications that have to be signed by a guarantor. A list of guarantors is provided in the Karolinka in the Study Programme and Field Guarantors chapter and also on the faculty website - natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/studium/garanti (czech only).

Study advisor

Every Department/Institute and even certain divisions have their study advisors. A study advisor will help you with inquiries regarding the choice of elective and optional subjects with respect to your field or further (post-bachelor’s) study.

SIS coordinator

Every Department/Institute and even certain divisions have their SIS coordinators. This is the person to contact if you experience problems with registering subjects, final theses, or any other relevant issues. SIS coordinators are listed in the Karolinka in the Workplaces, Departments and Institutes chapter.

Schedule makers

The Faculty has eight schedule makers; the chief schedule maker is Prof. Jiří Hudeček from the Department of Biochemistry who, together with Assoc. Prof. Petr Šmejkal and Simona Petrželová, Ph.D. from the Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry, is also in charge of Chemistry Section schedules. Eva Štefanová, Ph.D. is in charge of Geography schedules; Mr Rudolf Trnka is in charge of Geology schedules; and David Svoboda, Ph.D. and Veronika Sacherová, Ph.D. are in charge of Biology and Environmental Studies schedules. Subjects shared by all students such as physical education, classes at MFF and psychology for students of teaching and education are the responsibility of Jana Rubešová, Ph.D. You can contact schedule makers at  Manuals and Information - Přírodovědecká fakulta UK (cuni.cz). Information on registering within each schedule is published at natur.cuni.cz/eng/study/student/bachelors-and-masters/manuals-and-information

Student Chamber of the Academic Senate (“SKAS”)

The Student Chamber of the Academic Senate comprises the elected senators who represent the students in the Faculty management. It can solve general issues on a legislative level. You can contact any SKAS member with a suggestion for a legislative change or ask them for help or advice in areas where you are not certain. Over the past few years, SKAS has enacted changes such as a mandatory description of the requirements for completing subjects in the SIS, recognising the credits obtained in bachelor’s programmes in excess of 180 credits as part of post-bachelor’s programmes, and awarding a red diploma on the basis of average marks (i.e., regardless of inferior marks). In addition, SKAS has focused on less “legislative” affairs such as opening the passage between Viničná 7 and the Botanical Garden, or the volunteer project to improve the Albertov slopes. To get a better idea of what the AS does, you can view the minutes of its meetings (link in the bio of the SKAS Instagram page). A list of AS members is provided in the General Information at the beginning of the Karolinka and at natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/senat/clenove-senatu (Czech only). SKAS has its own Facebook (facebook.com/skas.prf.uk) and Instagram (instagram.com/skas_natur.cuni/) profiles.

Tutors - student advisors

There are also senior student advisors for each section. These tutors are ready to consult on study problems, answer students' questions, give briefings on study regulations, work with faculty applications (e.g. SIS, timetable, mail), cooperate with the study department and study vice-deans, study programme guarantors and section vice-deans. The tutors' main aim is to reduce barriers to queries, to advise on solutions to situations that experienced students often understand better than the tutor, or to direct the student with a query to where problems can be addressed and solved.

It is always advisable to contact the tutors of the section in question on their contact email:

You can always find the current list of tutors at: natur.cuni.cz/faculty/studium/tutors

Vice-Dean for Education

Assoc. Prof. Milada Teplá, Ph.D. and Assoc. Prof. Pavel Chromý are both Vice-Deans for Education. Dr. Teplá is in charge of the study concept and admission procedure while Mr Chromý is responsible for education. Mr Chromý holds office hours at the Department of Student Affairs every Wednesday from 10 to 12 o’clock. You can contact him through Department of Student Affairs officers to ask for advice on difficult study situations and submit applications for study interruptions, individual curricula, and so on.

Contacts to the study department can be found at natur.cuni.cz/faculty/study/discipline/study-department