ISIC and Student Card

Immediately after registration in Prague, you will be sent to one of the Charles University’s student card centres to pick up your student card and initial password (see Information Systems – Password). All you need is money to pay the charge for the card issue (if you want an ISIC licence along with it – see below) and a certificate of study that the Department of Student Affairs officials will give you at registration. You will be photographed at the centre. If you register while at an induction camp, you will be issued with the student card there.

You can choose between a standard card and a card with an ISIC licence. The standard card is free of charge. The card with the ISIC licence costs CZK 320 (a year). The licence can be renewed every year at the card centres by buying a revalidation stamp, which remains valid until the end of the calendar year.

You can use both cards the same way – for identification purposes at the University, to pay for your lunches in the canteens, when borrowing books from libraries, and for buying tickets on the Prague Integrated Transport System. The advantage of the card with the ISIC licence is that you can make use of various discounts and student benefits in the Czech Republic and abroad. You can find all the discounts and benefits at The card that includes the ISIC licence can also be used as a student’s international ID.

If you decide at a later date to replace your standard card with one with the ISIC licence, you will need to pay CZK 430 for the replacement. If you no longer want to prolong your licence, you can still use the card in its standard form but without a valid license you cannot use it to take advantage of ISIC benefits.

There is also a difference in price if you lose the card and have it re-issued. You will pay CZK 430 for a re-issue of the ISIC card. If you want the standard card, you will pay CZK 200. You need to report your loss as soon as possible using the form at Dysfunctional yet otherwise undamaged cards can be replaced free of charge at the card centres. Similarly, replacement is free of charge in the event of any change in data, such as your name. 

Card Centres

All CU students can use all of the centres. The centre closest to us is the one at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Ke Karlovu 3); however, you may need to queue for several hours at the beginning of the academic year. You can find an up-to-date overview of opening hours at

Card centre at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

(Ke Karlovu 3, 2nd underground floor, Room M 266)

UK Point

(Celetná 13, ground floor) 

Card centre at the Faculty of Law

(Náměstí Curieových 7, ground floor, Room 34)

Card centres: 

ISIC discount database: