Final Thesis Supervisor and Topic

The preparation for your final thesis will be a key part of your studies – a bachelor’s thesis in bachelor’s programmes, diploma thesis in the post-bachelor programmes, and a dissertation in doctoral programmes. Preparing and successfully defending a final thesis is usually one of the prerequisites for completing your study and obtaining a university diploma. As such, it deserves close attention.

The principal questions you have to address before writing your thesis are your choice of supervisor and the actual topic of your thesis.

The thesis supervisor (or tutor) is the person who oversees your work on your thesis and helps you to finish it successfully. You can consult your supervisor on the thesis objectives and overall aim, parts of its content, and even the wording of your text. They can help you choose a suitable methodology and literature on the topic. You bear the responsibility for the final form of your thesis, but you cannot defend your thesis without your supervisor’s approval. Hence, it is important that you and your supervisor get along well.

Your thesis supervisor may be any in-house (Faculty) or external scientist – often, they come from the Academy of Sciences, NUDZ, BIOCEV, SZÚ, and/or other scientific institutions and universities. At any rate, your thesis must be formally registered with one of the FSc Departments, where it will also be defended. That said, it is appropriate to discuss any external supervisor with the guarantor of your programme in advance. 

Choose your thesis supervisor carefully. First, consider whether their professional focus matches your areas of interest. Ask other students for their personal experience – how happy they were with that person’s supervision. Keep in mind, though, that the style of guidance that suits you may not suit everyone. It is a good idea to arrange the mode of cooperation with your thesis supervisor at the beginning. A good supervisor may boost your enthusiasm for your topic and teach you a lot of new things.

The choice of your final thesis topic is just as important as choosing your supervisor. It is much easier to write about something that you understand and enjoy. Teachers usually provide suggestions for topic themes for anyone to take up – you will find them in the SIS in the Thesis Topics (thesis selection) section. You can then search by the field of study (programme), supervisor’s name, or Department. However, you do not have to restrict yourselves to those – a supervisor may announce a topic tailored to you based on an arrangement. All you have to do next is arrange a consultation with your chosen supervisor and discuss whether the topic is suitable for a final thesis and if the teacher is willing to supervise it. 

Although the curriculum anticipates that you will write your final thesis in the final year of your study, you can find a supervisor and a topic earlier – during the second year of study. Few supervisors will reject a motivated student willing to engage in real research early. There is no traffic on the extra mile.

However, you should observe the principal rules and timing for submitting your thesis. You will always find these in the current academic year schedule. More instructions on deciding upon the thesis topic along with your supervisor and registering it are available on the Department of Student Affairs website.