eduroam Wireless Network

Most classrooms and common areas in the Faculty buildings are covered by a Wi-Fi signal as part of the eduroam international university network ( eduroam means free Wi-Fi (not only at our school). You can connect to it at academic institutions located in up to 90 countries worldwide; you will also find eduroam in libraries, train stations, and hospitals. All information on how to connect your mobile devices (notebooks, tablets, mobile handsets, etc.) to eduroam is available on the Faculty website at

eduroam is provided by CESNET in the Czech Republic. This association also provides other useful applications for students subject to entering school login information.

These applications include:

  • OwnCloud – safe storage, sharing, and synchronisation of up to 100 GB of data (available for Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS);

  • FileSender – fast forwarding of files and short-term repository for up to 500 GB of data;

  • MetaCentrum – intense calculations;

  • Web konference – online meetings and seminars in a web browser environment;

Information about eduroam: