Accommodation for students of Charles University in Prague is primarily provided by the Koleje a menzy UK (KaM). It is possible to apply for accommodation within the halls of residence of other universities, although in this case it is necessary to check the current application deadlines in the valid timetables of individual halls of residence, which may differ from each other. For a list of dormitories in Prague operated by KaM, please visit their website (

Students without accommodation and the future students of all tertiary schools in the Czech Republic can apply for accommodation directly to the CU dorm of their choice, subject to availability. Applications are submitted either to the dorms’ accommodation offices or online through a sales web portal accessible from the KaM website (; Czech only). Detailed information on the procedure for applying for accommodation is provided in Director’s Measure No. 9/2015 (

The available dorm capacity can be used for accommodation at any time during the year. Large dorms outside the centre of Prague (Jižní Město, Hvězda, Větrník) almost always have vacant accommodation capacity, and even dorms in Prague’s centre (Budeč, Švehlova, Jednota) sometimes offer vacant rooms. You should always contact the dormitory’s office beforehand. Moving in is usually possible from September, which is also when the dorm boards open reservation apps on their websites for booking moving in dates and, sometimes, for booking specific rooms.

Additional detailed information for CU students is available on the KaM website. There, you will also find the deadlines you have to observe when submitting applications for accommodation in Charles University dormitories (Director’s Measure No.11/2020,

If you prefer to live privately, we recommend regularly checking offers in various Facebook groups and other sites. Although it is not very common for scams to occur, caution is always in order. Never pay before you see the apartment and always read the rental agreement carefully.

Koleje a menzy UK:

Booking portal and the REHOS system: (Czech only)