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Computer classrooms

Computer study halls


The classrooms are used primarily for instruction in the presence of teachers. Students usually cannot work there individually outside scheduled classes. By contrast, study halls are intended for individual work and are usually accessible all day. The study rooms have the same software equipment as the PUA and B5 classrooms. Most of the software used for teaching in classrooms is also installed in the study halls. When working in study halls/classrooms, it is imperative to observe Dean’s Measure No. 4/2016 (Czech only) on the principles for using information technology equipment.

Computer study halls in libraries

Logging into the system

Data storing

Logging out

When you finish work, you always need to log out (Start > Vypnout > Odhlásit). If no one else is going to work on the computer after you, turn the computer off.


PUA, B5 and study rooms are equipped with thin clients, or terminals, instead of traditional PCs. These "boxes" simply connect you to one of the many waiting operating systems that are ready to use after you log in. Keep in mind that at that point you are not at a computer with a C: drive, even though it looks like it. After logging out, the virtual machine is immediately deleted, and when you log in again, you connect to a brand new virtual machine. Therefore, always save your data on the network drive J: that is tied to your account or on a flash drive.

Printing services

The study rooms in the Biology, Geology, Geography and Chemistry libraries offer self-service black and white and colour printing and copying in A4 and A3 formats. To use the system you need a student/ISIC card and a sufficient balance on your MyQ account. This is created/expired automatically with your faculty login and you must reprint or withdraw any balance in a timely manner upon graduation/discontinuation (visit CIT). Three months after graduation, the account will be cancelled and the uncollected balance will be forfeited. You may deposit cash into your account through the machines or custodians in the libraries. Detailed information can be found in the separate Print Services subsection of the Computer Labs and Study Rooms section of the CIT website.


Do you need any advice or help?

We recommend all students pay careful attention to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the classroom website, which contains solutions to the most common situations you may face during your study and when using information technologies. If you cannot obtain the help you need, there is always an administrator available at the A6 Tower study hall, or you can send your inquiry to


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