Department of Student Affairs

The Study Department, which has four departments, administers the study agenda. Prior to enrolment, you were in contact with the Admissions and Accreditation Department. During your undergraduate and postgraduate studies, you will mostly contact the Study Department and in some cases the Centre for Continuing Education. If you go on to doctoral study, then you will deal with the Doctoral Studies Office.

The Department of Student Affairs resides in a separate building directly by the entrance to the FSc Botanical Garden (Na Slupi 16; the dedicated entrance is on the side of the building). Before you visit the Department of Student Affairs for the first time, check the Department of Student Affairs contacts page to find out which officer is in charge of your programme ( Your respective officer is also named in the SIS under the Personal Data tab. You can contact the Department of Student Affairs using your Faculty e-mail, by telephone, or in person. During office hours, please ensure you contact officers by e-mail only, as they assist students who come to the Registry in person during those times.

When communicating with the Department of Student Affairs by e-mail, directly address your study officer or the officer for the relevant agenda. If you want to make sure that your e-mail will be processed, such as during the holidays, or if you do not know who to address exactly, please use the open copy mode (one message with multiple recipients). This way, the addressees can easily agree on who will process your inquiry.

During the holidays, the study department is closed for two weeks, which is usually announced in advance on the website. ( This is also where to look for information on any changes in office hours of the Vice-Dean for Education and of the Department of Student Affairs. With this in mind, check this page prior to any visit to the Department of Student Affairs to make sure that the office hours have not changed.

For the purposes of your Bachelor's and Master's studies, you will need the help of the Study Department mainly in administrative matters, i.e. various applications, changes in personal data or paper confirmation of studies. In case you cannot find an answer or solution to your study or personal problem affecting your studies on the faculty's website or in the study department, you can contact the study department. Your Registrar will listen to you and, in most cases, help you find a solution, whether it is an individual study plan or interruption of studies in the case of parenthood, health reasons or a difficult social situation. 

Application forms or notifications are available at . The most common applications each have their own form, and for other matters a general application is used. If you do not find what you need, the study clerks will advise you which form to choose.

There are guidelines and instructions for the most common study situations at If you do not find an answer or solution in the instructions, you can contact the study department with your query.

On the study department's website you will find additional information, e.g. about graduation, state exams, lists of study programme sponsors, information about regulations, fees and scholarships and much more.

Issuing Certificates of Study

Only the Department of Student Affairs is authorised to issue Certificates of Study. In the SIS, you can find a tab where you can download a “ready-made” certificate (Personal Data / Print Certificate). If you select “Plain .pdf”, you will download a Certificate that you have to bring to the Department of Student Affairs to have it confirmed with a signature and a stamp. If you download a “.pdf with electronic signature”, you can use it straight away in electronic communication because it contains an electronic signature. The Department of Student Affairs will also confirm your student status in other forms, such as student discount cards for public transport.

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