Public Transport

For travelling around Prague, it is worth getting a "ticket" - a time voucher for public transport. All information can be found on the website of the Transport Company (DP, or at the relevant contact points. Detailed information, including suburban fares, can be found on the website of the Prague Integrated Transport (PID) Regional Organiser.

You can find sales points in the lobbies of some metro stations (e.g. I. P. Pavlova, Karlovo Namesti, Náměstí míru, etc.). We recommend to use the central dispatching centre near the faculty (Na Bojišti 5), where they provide all information and services and are open all weekdays - Monday and Tuesday from 10 am to 5:30 pm and other days from 8 am to 6 pm. However, the actual opening hours are subject to change, so it is recommended to check them on the transport company's website before visiting.

Paper coupons

For the time being, it is possible to purchase paper coupons for transport passes for students aged up to 26 years who have a CU or ISIC student card. If you have been issued a new CU or ISIC card, your data will not load into the DPP system until the next day, so you cannot receive your pass earlier. If you urgently need a pass on the day of registration at the Faculty, you can submit an “Application for a Season Ticket Pass”. The form is available at DPP’s points of sale. While registering, ask a Department of Student Affairs officer to certify it with a signature and a school stamp and attach your photograph. At a DPP counter, you can have the transport pass issued for CZK 30 while you wait and then use this to purchase your season ticket.

Student season coupons are sold as monthly (30-day, CZK 130), quarterly (90-day, CZK 360) and full-year (365-day, CZK 1,280) with a selectable initial date of validity. The standard pass covers the P and 0 zones (on the territory of Prague), which suffices for the great majority of your destinations. With the pass, you can also use České dráhy and KŽC passenger trains free of charge (line S34) within Prague limits ( Be careful about the size of your luggage – if your luggage is bigger, you will need an additional ticket worth CZK 16 based on the price list. Bicycles may only be carried on the metro trains, and exclusively at the rear platform of each car.


Aside from paper coupons, you can also obtain an electronic version of the pass, which loads onto the Lítačka card. You need to pay for the issue of the card in accordance with the price list of your choice ( The prices for the coupons are the same, but the range includes extra 5-month and 10-month coupons. The 10-month coupon has a selectable initial date of validity within the period from 15 August to 1 November.

You can apply for a Lítačka in person at the contact points ( and will need an identity card and an ID card photograph (this will be returned to you). All the detailed instructions can be found on the Lítačka website (

Electronic transport passes can be purchased online, but you will need to load the coupon onto the card at a DPP contact point or use a validating machine; the machines are accessible at selected metro stations. In order to obtain a student discount, however, you need to make your first e-coupon purchase at a contact point and produce your CU or ISIC student card.

The Lítačka can be obtained and used online on a mobile device thanks to the PID Lítačka application:; you can buy any type of one-off ticket as well as the monthly, quarterly, and yearly coupons.

Riding a bike to university

You can also ride a bike in Prague and can use the public transport to move your bike under specified conditions and in certain areas. Detailed information on the possibilities for transporting bikes is available on the PID website (; Czech only).

There are several locations near the Faculty where you can “park” your bike. The largest and most secure bike parks are in Albertov, next to the Genetics garden, and in the backyard area of the Viničná 7 building. These areas are available to any FSc CU student or employee subject to a permit, which can be obtained by submitting an application either to CIT (, card entry; Czech only) for the bike park in Albertov, or to the Viničná 7 facility manager for the bike park at Viničná 7. The opening hours for both bike parks are the same – Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm. The bike parks are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Every bike park user must secure their bike in the holder with a security device (cable lock). Bikes parked and secured this way are covered by insurance against theft. In the event of theft, you need to call the police and execute a record, which you then submit to the respective officer of the FSc Economic Section.

In addition to the bike parks, you can also park bikes in stands around the Faculty buildings at Viničná 5, Benátská 2, Albertov 6, and Hlavova 8. In this case, however, the insurance against theft covers only the stands situated on the Faculty’s property (the backyard at Viničná 5 and Benátská 2). The other bike stands are the property of the Municipal District of Prague 2 and are not insured.

There are several bike sharing companies operating in Prague, one of which is Rekola.

List of DPP points of sale: (Czech only)

Information about the Lítačka: | Website PID: