Poll – Evaluation of Teaching Quality

At the end of each semester, electronic evaluation of the quality of instruction will take place. You will be reminded of the poll by e-mail, posters on the premises of the school, and on the Faculty’s social media platform. You can complete the poll anonymously, although if you wish you can ‘sign’ your evaluation. Taking part is not compulsory, but we still would like you to take part. Why is the poll so important? 

Should you encounter any problems or want to ask a question during the evaluation, you can contact the poll organisers via e-mail at hodnoceni.vyuky@natur.cuni.cz

hodnoceni.natur.cuni.cz – this is where the poll runs and where you can find all the results since 2017 

More information: natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/studium/hodnoceni-vyuky-studenty (Czech only)