Libraries and Electronic Information Resources (EIR)

Library collections at Charles University’s Faculty of Sciences are spread across five specialised libraries (Library of Biology, Library of Geography, Geological Library, Library of Chemical Sciences, and Library of the Institute for Environmental Sciences). Some include libraries for smaller units, such as the Botany Library, Library of Philosophy and History of Sciences, and the specialised Department libraries in the Chemistry Section.

Any student can apply as a reader of FSc CU libraries at The application is valid for all Charles University libraries. The libraries offer printed books, periodicals, and diploma and other theses, and study halls offer computers that provide access to Faculty EIR. Libraries also lend electronic readers for e-books.

Printed documents in CU libraries can be searched in library catalogues. The same applies for the available Faculty EIR:

Faculty EIR mostly comprise licensed electronic periodicals, electronic databases, and e-books focused on sciences. These are available from all Faculty computers based on the IP address and from elsewhere using remote access (the links for remote access are provided for individual databases or e-books). You can find the instructions and options for remote access at library websites (; for more information see (Czech only)

Website for EIR and libraries: