Study Information System (SIS)

Working with the Study Information System (SIS) will soon become everyday fare for you. The SIS contains several important modules you should get to know thoroughly. Once you log into the SIS, you can view information about subjects, register (and deregister) for subjects, sign in for the schedule and course credits/exams, review your exam dates, browse the final thesis topics, and sign in for the theses. The SIS also stores your personal data, which the Faculty uses to communicate with you. By law, you must give the University your current mailing address, so ensure your information in the SIS is complete and current; an incorrect address runs the risk that important mail will not be delivered and is a violation of the law. To change certain items such as permanent residence address and surname, you have to submit a written notice to the Department of Student Affairs.


You can log into the SIS at using the information from the Central Authentication Service (CAS, see Information Systems). If the SIS replies (usually soon after registration) “You have entered correct login data but you have no role for work”, this is because the Department of Student Affairs has not introduced you to the SIS as a student yet. When many students register at one time, the process can take several hours. The introduction can be checked in Seeking Persons in the SIS application. You can also browse Seeking Persons, information about subjects, and other aspects in the SIS as users without logging in. Once you log into the SIS, you will gain access to the other applications that you will need in your role as a student. Context-sensitive help is accessible through the icon “?”.


Important: In the Personal Data application, do not forget to use the Information – Change in Data tab to insert your e-mail address. For Faculty affairs, use your assigned Faculty e-mail (; Czech only). To ensure messages from the SIS are delivered to that address (for example, messages from teachers, notifications of new exam dates, etc.), select notifications on the User Options tab. Also, do not forget to insert your mailing address in the SIS if it is different from your permanent residence, and switch the “Where to deliver” option to “Other”. If you have a data box of a natural person, fill it in.


To enable your peers to find you in the SIS, you need to select “Permit study search” under the User Options tab in the Personal Data application. On the Permit to publish tab, you can choose which of your data that other students can see. Being traceable in the SIS can be useful, for example, when you want to contact fellow students registered for the same exercise class.


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