Physical Education

This form of instruction is provided by the Department of Physical Education (“DPE”; Most instruction is provided at the CU Sports Centre (Bruslařská 10, Praha 10 – Hostivař) and at the FSc sports boat port in Podolí. External facilities have to be used for certain sports such as ice hockey, mountain climbing, beach volleyball, and gymnastics. You can find contact details for the various facilities on the Department’s website.

Physical education (PE) is compulsory for the students of most bachelor’s programmes during the first year of study, and its content is set in advance. During the first year, students experience the basics of most types of exercise offered by DPE, including swimming. PE is still compulsory during the second year, but its content is elective. Students can choose from a wide range of sports in each semester. In subsequent years, students can register for PE as an optional subject. The range of sports on offer is available at (Czech only).

The students of most bachelors’ programmes must take three sports courses organised by DPE: an all-round sports course in Albeř in the 2nd semester (Summer Course I.), a skiing course in the 3rd semester (the Winter Course), and a sports course in the 4th semester (Summer Course II.). You can find more on the content of the courses at (Czech only). Sports courses organised by DPE are also very popular on a social level as students of various fields get to meet during the sports courses.

Students using the modular system (such as BBI, MOBIBO, EKOEVOBI) can take the semestral PE classes and sports courses as an optional subject; PE is not a compulsory part of their curricula (

Students registered for PE subjects (including the courses) in the SIS must take swimming tests before the instruction begins. This obligation also applies to students of fields within the modular system. Based on the results of the swimming tests, students can take basic swimming lessons. The tests are mandatory even for those students who choose other PE subjects than swimming. Hence, a student who registers for mountain climbing will still need to take a swimming test.

Students may apply for exemption from PE for medical or other serious reasons; more information is available at (Czech only). Professional sportspeople can also be exempt from PE duties. A student with PE exemption will not gain PE credits – for more information, see (Czech only).

During the academic year, DPE organises numerous sports events such as the Science Volleyball League, orienteering races, and canoeing courses. Such activities are promoted on the DPE website as well as on the Department’s Facebook profile. Students can join the University Sports Club (“VSK”), which organises events during the semesters and summer holidays. To get a better idea of DPE’s activities, visit the gallery on the Department’s website.

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