Environmental Studies

The Institute for the Environment is located at 2 Benátská Street, in the picturesque grounds of the Botanical Gardens of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. The Institute was officially established as such in 1990, but its history at Charles University in Prague dates back to 1977. Students and lecturers are provided with teaching and research in many areas of environmental protection, especially air, water, soil, nature conservation, waste and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications. The Institute is a faculty-wide department that does not fall directly under any section of the faculty. Currently, it administratively belongs to the Vice-Dean of the Geology Section (Prof. RNDr. Jiří Žák, Ph.D.).

The Director of the Institute for the Environment is prof. RNDr. Tomáš Cajthaml, Ph.D., DSc.

The Institute for the Environment currently provides teaching of the Bachelor's programme:

The Institute for the Environment also manages the Library of the Institute for the Environment and the Albertov Bees project (Czech only).

The study of the Environmental Protection programme is characterised by the fact that the student not only masters the subjects taught at the Department of Environmental Protection, but also at other sections. As a result, the student gains a broader knowledge of many other disciplines, which then enables the student to easily understand the interconnectedness and impact of all parts of the environment. This aspect is then very important when dealing with environmental protection.

 The Environment section has a new student society, Life at the Environment, which takes care of regular events such as the Passing of the Freshmen and the Environment Office Christmas Party, among others. You can also follow the society's activities on its IG profile.

For students of each year, there are study advisors who can be contacted in case of problems. It is also certainly possible to write for advice to upper year students in the OŽP student group on FB or on the IG account of the Life at OŽP association or, alternatively, on the Institute's Facebook. All students and those interested in environmental issues are encouraged to attend the ÚŽP seminars.