Moodle provides electronic support for instruction. All individual subjects have their space in the platform (an e-learning course) where you can find study material for downloading, teachers’ instructions and discussions on subjects, submit your tasks, take tests, and so on.

You can enter the system using the link in the top tab bar of the Faculty website or by using this direct link: The system login data is the same as with other systems. You can log into Moodle using your login or personal number and CAS password (see Information Systems > Password). You log in using the “Log In/Sign In” link in the top right corner of the system’s home page. Teachers will give you the key to register on e-learning courses of the various subjects at the beginning of the semester.

You can find direct links to the courses in the SIS or ask your teachers for them. Courses can also be searched directly in Moodle using the search engine (enter the subject code or a part of its title) or by browsing the categories (see the Moodle home page).


In the event of technical difficulties, contact:

You can find detailed instructions for logging in at “Instructions for students for logging into Moodle UK” (Czech only).