Google Workspace

Our Faculty uses Google Workspace (GW) services. In addition to e-mail – Gmail – you can also use other online apps directly linked to your e-mail account: Documents, Calendars, Webs, Groups, and others. You can save a large volume of data on a Google Disk. You can use the applications anywhere you can connect to the Internet. You can write documents online and access them from anywhere; as changes are saved automatically, you do not face the risk of losing documents saved on local computer drives. You can always share the current version of the document and modify it collectively, for example when working on tasks for course credits.

The Faculty GW has an integrated directory of all students and Faculty employees. You can connect your calendar with the public Faculty calendars, for example the study calendar or a schedule of KTV’s sports events, so you can always view important dates. You can have all the data, calendars, and contacts synchronised with mobile devices running on both Android and iPhone operating systems. For a description of the services, news and many tutorials to get acquainted with Google Workspace, always visit (only in czech)

We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser. You can always find a description of services, news, and instructions for tackling Google Workspace at (Czech only).

Information about Google Workspace: (Czech only)