Popularisation Section

The popularisation section, also known as “Přírodověda populárně” (Science the Popular Way), is a student activity that promotes science and our Faculty. Its members transform articles by the Faculty’s scientists into a brief and easy-to-understand form, prepare interviews with the Faculty’s personnel, and inform members about the developments in the school. The section’s output is available on the right edge of the Faculty’s home page at natur.cuni.cz.

In addition to receiving information passively, you can also take an active part in the section, become an editor, and prepare the articles. Editors have the opportunity to stay in touch with our Faculty’s scientific results, train to write in Czech and in English, and are paid in the form of a bursary. More information is available from the editor-in-chief and at natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/veda-a-vyzkum/popularizace/o-popularizacni-rubrice.

Popularisation section: natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/veda-a-vyzkum/popularizace