Students with Special Needs

Does everyone have the same conditions for study?

The Faculty of Science strives to ensure equal conditions for all students including those with a special needs (for more information, see and; Czech only). The minimum standards provided for students and applicants with special needs at CU are specified in Rector’s Measure No. 23/2017 (; Czech only).

Who qualifies as a student with special needs?

Rector’s Measure No. 23/2017 distinguishes between six groups of students with special needs: (a) eyesight impairment, (b) hearing impairment, (c) bodily and motion impairment, (d) specific learning disorders, (e) autistic spectrum disorders, and (f) other difficulties.

Who to contact for support and help?

Support for students with special needs is provided through various entities that collaborate:

  • Faculty contact – Dr. Dana Fialová (e-mail:, tel.: 221 951 397)

  • Faculty psychology advice service – Mgr. Pavlína Soukupová (e-mail:, tel.: 778 778 658) (Czech only)

  • FSc Department of Student Affairs – study officer Marie Vítková (e-mail:, tel.: 221 951 158)

  • Office for students with special needs as part of Centrum Carolina (e-mail:, tel.: 224 491 896, UK point, Celetná 13, Praha 1)

  • Other special workplaces – contacts:

What to do to be regarded as a student with special needs?

First, you need to (1) get in touch with the Faculty’s contact person, (2) have current documentation on your own special needs (from a medical specialist, educational/psychology advice service, etc.) and (3) having consulted the Faculty’s contact person, sign informed consent indicating your status as a student with special needs and take a functional diagnosis (an interview with a CU expert; the output of the session should be a recommendation for teachers on how to approach the student and what methods to use in instruction and self-study).

What services are available?

A detailed list of support services students with special needs can use is posted on the University website ( The services are usually provided on the basis of recommendations stemming from the functional diagnosis and the student’s needs. Our students with special needs usually compensate with the help of:

  • peers – student assistants who take notes at lectures for them, accompany them, interpret for them, and give them access to information

  • professionals – sign language interpreters, transcribers, etc.

  • teachers who can provide study material (earlier, in addition to standard material, or modified) allow the students to make a sound recording of the instruction, give students individual time, modify the form of exams to meet the student’s needs (oral/written test, modified time or font, lighting, etc.)

  • study system – as most students apply to study according to their individual curricula

  • free loaning of notebooks, tablets, Dictaphones, and readers from the Department of Student Affairs

  • free copying and printing of study material using Faculty printers and copiers subject to the submission of a CU student card. The devices are available at:

Albertov 6

· Computer study hall “Věž” (Tower) on the 4th floor – B/W and colour printer

· Geography Library – B/W and coloured copier/printer/scanner

· Geological Library – colour copier/printer/scanner

Hlavova 8

· Library of Chemical Sciences – B/W and colour copier/printer/scanner

Viničná 7

· Biology Library – B/W copier/scanner and B/W printer

What special workplaces are used most often?

  • Interpreting services offered by the Institute of Deaf Studies (

  • Centre for sports activities for CU’s disabled students, providing special aids as well as organising interesting events and courses

  • Copying vital study texts and issuing ISIC cards free of charge with the “ZTP” card (first issue only) Information/Advice Centre

  • The Media library of the Faculty of Arts of CU enables students with eyesight or hearing disabilities to study foreign languages, including individual instruction

Aids for female students

In the event of acute needs during their period, female students can collect a package of sanitary aids from Ms Vítková, Ms Červinková or Ms Trakslová at the Department of Student Affairs. Students can pick the package up without a prior appointment during office hours, where they will receive the package subject to providing the password “jdu si vyzvednout balíček” (I am coming to pick up a package).

Diaper changing desks

  • Hlavova 8: disabled persons’ restroom at the Chemistry Library, room 114K; disabled persons’ restroom on the 1st aboveground floor, room 146

  • Albertov 6: disabled persons’ restroom, first underground floor, room S37

  • Viničná 7: Ground Floor South, disabled persons’ restroom

  • Benátská 2: 1st mezzanine, rear section of the corridor towards B12 and B13

  • Botanical Garden – ladies’ restrooms

Information for students with special needs:

Student well-being and support at CU (YouTube):