Bachelor Plus

This year, the Faculty of Science has once again prepared the Bachelor Plus educational platform for students of bachelor’s programmes. This is an extension programme that offers students an attractive extension of their own curriculum beyond the existing curricula. Students can expand their knowledge with specialised topics that will enable them to explore their field in depth as well as with general science topics that will place known circumstances in a new context.

Bachelor Plus is intended not only for talented, but especially for motivated students who are interested in expanding their knowledge beyond their regular studies. Given the nature of the programme, it usually consists of subjects with above-average difficulty whose completion is not rewarded with credits and which do not replace other standard full-time study obligations. For successful completion of the required number of tasks in the programme, the student will receive a Bachelor Plus completion certificate and a transcript of the completed subjects.

Bachelor Plus is provided as part of lifelong education and is free of charge. Students may apply for the programme exclusively using electronic applications in the SIS from 1 July 2021 to 20 September 2021. The dates for registering for subjects under Bachelor Plus are the same as those for other subjects.

You can find the current list of subjects and other information on the Faculty and Bachelor Plus websites.


Information about Bakalář Plus on the Faculty website: (Czech only)

Bachelor Plus website: (Czech only)